Sophia Cook, MS

Greetings! I am a professional writer and editor with more than 17 years of experience crafting content for professional and lay audiences.

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Literature summaries
  • Patient education
  • Converting science and health topics for lay audiences
  • Blogging
  • Script writing
  • Project management

Experience You Can Trust

My 10-year stint as a senior editor at a society publishing house honed my skills and provides the professional edge that shepherds your project smoothly from conception to publication. Six years of editing journal articles means I can assist you in writing a manuscript that will stand out. I specialize in editing scientific and medical research articles written by nonnative English speakers.


  • Masters degree/Immunology – Loyola University Chicago
  • Bachelor’s degree/Microbiology – University of Texas-Austin
  • Certificate/Medical Writing and Editing – University of Chicago Graham School

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